katia floreska

singer . musician . songwriter

 photo by Dorothy Shi


Katia is a NYC based singer, musician, songwriter and voice-over artist. She was a back-up singer for Ronnie Spector as a “Ronnette”. Performed and collaborated with numerous bands, artists and producers in New York, Los Angeles and London for both live shows and studio sessions. Katia continues to perform live with NYC’s beloved institution, The Loser’s Lounge and previously with The Tall Pines where she was on keyboards and backing vocals. Her work is ongoing with upcoming solo and collaborative music projects including a previous release of her UK single, “Who Needs Love” by Colourphonic available on iTunes.


Growing up as a Caribbean immigrant in New York during the 70s and 80s, not a day would go by without there being music playing in the family living room. Either from a variety of radio stations pouring out of my parents’ stereo or my Mum's amazing collection of records including Classical, Cuban, Haitian, Mexican, French, American Country and absolutely everything in between! Other days it would be my Dad playing his classical guitar flamenco style, or my older sisters putting on their great pop, rock and disco records... listening to Broadway soundtracks and the countless hours watching Rogers and Hammerstein and Leonard Bernstein musicals. My younger brother and I ate it all up... absolutely everything! The exposure my siblings and I had was incredible, a wealth of culture in music and literature that I am forever grateful to my parents for. At the age of 3 and a half, for the first time I climbed onto the family piano to recite the Star Spangled Banner with two fingers, completely lost in the moment singing along. I was hooked. Later on becoming enthralled with poetry and story books, I'd discovered a form of escapism into magical worlds created in my childlike mind. Not because I had to go there, but because I wanted to go there. The creative process of composing a song and the desire to sing and perform eventually began to surface. As a geeky kid, it didn't take much more to realize that music would become my destiny.

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.
— Nelson Mandela